Mount Cross Lutheran Church
601 E. Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541
Pastor Scott Stein

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2014 Annual Mt. Cross Dinner & Talent Show!!!



Organizer of this wonderful event: Eloise Jones.

"Mrs. Robinson" whom we know as Pennie, played "The Entertainer".

...and Pennie accompanied Sharron Romberger who sang "Over the Rainbow".

Karla Schultz played guitar and sang "Early In The Morning".

If you missed this event, you missed Willie Nelson!! He must be a relative of Bob Kennedy's as you can see from their similar charateristics! The song: "Angels Flying Too Close To The Ground".

"Willie" was accompanied by Sandy Lamont, John Hesterman's partner in Autumn Shadow, who drove up from Gilbert, AZ to take part in the show! Sandy appeared compliments of Lamont Audio, LLC.

"Willie" was also accompanied by John Hesterman, who was always on stage as sound technician.

Wes and Corey played a duet on the Ventures song "Walk, Don't Run".

Corey concentrates hard on his solo!

April White, 8th grade daughter of church secretary Lenore White, played "The Medallion Calls" (from Pirates of the Caribbean) on the tenor saxophone.

Bette Acker played "Blues Improv" on the Native American Flute

Sandy Lamont (guitar) and John Hesterman (bass) sang "A Summer Song", "Crying in the Rain" and from the film "The Graduate", "Mrs Robinson"...who was in the room, using the name Pennie!

Frank Sinatra made a rare guest appearance singing "New York, New York", "Who Can I Turn To?" and he did it "My Way". He looks very much like a member of our choir, Dan Bonar!!

John Hesterman waits for the next chorus of "Mrs. Robinson" to come around.

Adding great humor to the night was the reincarnation of Ed McMann who looked like Jerry Carlson and Johnny Carson reprising his role Faker the Magnificant who looked like Frank Schultz before he put on his turban!

Jay Schimke on harmonica and Wes Hathaway, Jr. on keyboard entertain while guests enjoy a delicious lasagna dinner. Jay also accompanied Sharron Romberger on harmonica during "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

For those who wished wine, Tony Andretta served. Greg Grosser is in line and Tony roamed the room inviting those who wished seconds!

Servers organized by Jodi Lorenz: April White, Kim Hull, Zach Romberger, Archie and Veronica all did an excellent job as servers!

A special "Thank You" to everyone who worked so hard to make this special event a great success!

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