Mount Cross Lutheran Church
601 E. Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541
Pastor Scott Stein


Ladies "Lunch And Laugh!"
March 22, 2014

126 people attended this event!!
A lady from the Presbyterian church said she was going to write the WELCA group to say how much she enjoyed it!

Left: Set up for lunch and laugh\clever placements too! Right: Desserts!

Left: Items for donation - see the firepots? Raise money (Sucess- $225) for
the propane at the Native American mission. Right: Lunch and laugh begins!

Left: Ladies enjoying each others company and a fine meal. Right: More scrumptious goodies!

Left: Delicious salads! Right: Fruits and deserts!

Left: More delicious selections! Right: Carol McNulty's four daughters... one flew in from California!!

Left: Jodi Lorenz dished up ice cream. Right: Three of the leaders from MC global mission committee
who put this together: Jerre Leavens, Sue Bobek and Paula Harper

Sue Bobek, the laugh expert !!!

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