Mount Cross Lutheran Church
601 E. Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541
Pastor Scott Stein

Decorating the Sanctuary for Christmas!
Wednesday December 3, 2014



The start of the 2014 Christmas Season . . .

In spite of the rain, Eunice Lien attended and Jodi Lorenz went to greet her.

Kay Bonar and Wes Hathaway Jr.

Looks like Barb Overfield, Carrie Backe, Wes Hathaway (who just found out that he couldn't come back for 3rd's), Josh Horsley, part of Jerre' Leavens, getting food in front of the new kitchen windows.

Mary Walker seems very happy to have a complete, nutritional meal at Mount Cross! Ernie Kellett doesn't seem so enthused.

Is Sharon Vaplon finally getting something to eat (she got there at 4 pm) ... or is she arranging for others?

Eloise Jones, Carol McNulty, Helen Swenson and Karyl Blair are in the F Hallway ("F" for "food").

Remember all those pink slips to identify the drawers in the new kitchen? Well, a new label maker was purchased and labels affixed!

And here's the man who did it! Ernie Kellett! Ask him whether he got it for the church at Amazon, Ebay or Craig's list and how much he paid for it. Go ahead - he has the answers!

The overflow table in the narthex. Clock wise: Tony Andretta, Bob Walker, Mary Walker, Carrie Backe, Carol Karlowski, Eloise Jones, Eunice (hidden) by daughter Sharry Lien, and Wes Hathaway.

The bare tree put up by Property cmte .... and others who finished putting it together.

And here are the Christmas decorations to be put on it.

Quite a few beautiful poinsettias in the chancel area.

We've heard of the "daring young man on the flying trapeze"... but did you know before you saw this picture that Mount Cross has it's daring young man (Doug Overfield) on the swaying ladder, stabilized by Ruth Ann Richards??

It looks like "from heaven to earth" he comes : -)

Jay Schimke was the trained EMT on the south side of the tree -- notice that he's trained to use a smaller ladder??

At the end of a day that started for Lenore at 8:30 am, she was still putting information into the Media Shout so that our congregation would have the words to the songs we sang. John Hesterman was there ... not only for the audio Wednesday night ... but also during the Praise Team's rehearsal. Two dedicated people!!

Lynn Shoemaker represented the altar guild (and the many volunteers who got items ready for the Advent-Christmas season) and she lit the Christmas tree for the first time in the new building! We asked Tony Andretta to turn off the rest of the lights and it really looked good! Maybe we can do this for 2-3 minutes next Wednesday for a silent devotion time.

This is what the tree looks like in its new spot. It's the same tree as we've had quite a few years ... but the setting is different. You're welcome to join us in celebrating the Advent Season! --- Ed

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