Mount Cross Lutheran Church
601 E. Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541
Pastor Scott Stein

2014 Family Fun Fest -
If you missed it, you missed all the fun!



Eddie the Clown says . . . "Welcome to Family Fun Fest!!!

Lots of cars in our new parking lot!

Families begin to arrive!

Some of the classic car club guys brought their cars.

Bounce House for the kids!

Thrivent Financial brought a donation and Pastor Glenn shared ideas.

Tony Andretta filled popcorn bags.

Giving advice, directions and prizes were Linda Grosser and Sharon Bryant.

Shannon Romberger helps with a game in the log building.

Kay Bonar, Nancy Kellett and John Shoemaker prepare hundreds of hot dogs!

Kay Bonar seems to be asking if the photographer wants one!!

Billy Ichida from Junction 87, Jay Schimke of the Mount Cross Praise band and musician/singer John Hesterman (the event organizer) entertained from the log building Porch

Ric Hinkie on the right and friend donated time to explain fly fishing.

Elizabeth Romberger was our expert face painter!

Gail and Clyde, Sharon and John gave out prizes from the gazebo.

Does it get more innocent and cute than this?

Gathering around the fly casting info booth.

Master of the cotton candy machine is Dave "The Sweet Guy" Scully

Every dentist's dream!!!!!

These four have the look of planning committee for this large undertaking: Carol Knudsen, Dan Bonar, Rob Reifschneider and Nancy Kellett.

And back to the cotton candy machine are Char Scully and Sherri Taylor.

The Rombergers made us look good: Elizabeth, Shannon & Alex!

Sisters Sharry and Candy give joy to this innocent little girl!

Story teller Alice Natale is ready to tell a tale, like she does in the same log building on most Tuesdays for "Mount Cross Cares" after school program.

What a fun group, with hot dogs and more!

Tony Andretta, Jodie Lorenz and Carol Knudsen are happy to be down to the last bag!

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