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Construction: Phase 4!
We're Almost There!!!
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The next chapter of this story is coming . . . . look for it on the Mt. Cross Lutheran Church website homepage!

Professional movers came for 2 hours on Thursday Nov 6.

There has to be a tie to moving the ark of the covenant to the moving of the altar at MC!

Pastor Glenn, an unprofessional mover : -) Moving some things to his new office, out of which he will move some things to their condo and then when their house sells, moves some things to a new house in Maricopa which will also double as office for the mission church. He may be a professional mover after all that!!

A moveable pulpit!

Lynn Hess moves drum set from log building.

Lenore takes down the sign to mark the end of temporary "office".

Sandy at Basha's bakery designed this cake which was shared after the service.

Tony Andretta and Rob Reifschneider compare tips on removing dusty foot prints before the first service.

Dave Scully rings the bell just before the procession to the new building.

Practice before "retreating" to the "old sanctuary" for the procession.

Pictures of people carrying other things from the altar, flags, etc.

The Procession begins!

Are the Egyption troops following us?

A day long waited for!

There is a reason for all these smiles :-)

The day has finally come.

For those who don't know, the running commentary on these photo pages of the construction of our new church from day 1, has been by Pastor Ed Blair :-) Have you enjoyed them as much as I have? --- This comment is from your Webmaster and Audio/Video Technician, John Hesterman.

I like this angle of the new with the prominence of the cross. By coincidence or ... God-incidence ... today our closing hymn at 8:30 was the inspiring "Lift High The Cross" at the close of the 10:30 service, our spirited song was "For All The Saints"!!


I WASN'T PRESENT, BUT THE CHAIRS EVIDENTLY CAME STACKED ... evidently 11 high! This is where the altar will be and we'll be ready if someone needs to be "elevated" to a higher calling!

Looking from altar area back toward the sound booth and video booth.

.... and looking in that direction are two people who have been implementing the details, Pastor Glenn moving to the right and Linda Grosser checking her cell phone.

Nancy Kellett was producing "moving music" on the grand piano, which tone she appreciates!

Remember that new $60k new electronic organ? Here it is and the next picture shows the foot pedals.

For Janet's talented feet!

Co-chair of the building committee, Rob Reifschneider, and Pastor Glenn discuss some aspect of putting it all in place.

Calling in reinforcements ????

And what are you doing up in the extreme south west corner of the chancel area? It looks like "roto rotor", right? He told me he was putting in wire for the electronic organ speakers. How many are there? 8! One will be at floor level and one up high in this corner.

Oh, here they are! The organ has its own sound system, separate from the speaking system .... which also uses "speakers" Got that? There will be a test!

Meanwhile lots of activity in the general "reception" area, which will have "speaking" people who don't need to be wired : -) The next two pictures show even more office furniture. You'll want to stay "tuned" for next week's pictures!

Any guesses?

No question about what these are!

Hey, something we recognize from the present building! The mail boxes Jim Potter made ... and I bet he was in on the move to his location on the north end of the narthex.

1 At Thursday Property cmte, Ray Leavens took time to make a sign to remind Sunday worshippers and those passing by ... this next Sunday is a combination of early and late service styles at the only service time of 9:30 on the ninth of Novemeber!!

On Thursday Linda Grosser (on right) handed out keys to the new building to those who needed to get in for committee or tasks.

This group is assembling by the south entrance awaiting keys and instruction!

On Nov 1st, these beautiful roses (God does nice work, doesn't HE?) were still in the large garden by the gazebo.

After the first All Saints' Sunday worship, Pastor Glenn got his last community breakfast. this innovative breakfast idea came from his Washington/Wisconsin/Ohio brain!!

One of the cooks was Nancy Kellett who prepared French toast and different Mexican entrees, assisted by Rod Rice. Where's the other cook?

Here is Ernie Kellett, the other cook, being bandaged by nurse Kay Bonar, in the kitchen's ER! Church work can be dangerous!!

A number of folks enjoying the Kellett creations!

After lunch I poked around ... the new building was quiet ... and look what I found in the Pondorosa Room!! Furniture and tv screen on the west side.

....and table and chairs on the eastern side of the room!

Looking out of Pondorossa Room and through the narthex toward the main office area behind the doors.

Inside the sanctuary are the banners in honor of Terri Cheek and the trees visible west of the new building.

This is the main office area that should be filled with desks and chairs and file cabinets by next Sunday. I don't know when the pink ribbons will be removed!

This is the view from the south side (looking toward the trees by Safeway). Note the other 90 inch tv set!

This is the room on the north east corner, looking out on Hwy 260 and Tiny's. This only has about 60 inch TV. I think the live service will be sent to all these TV sets!

I like this view of the middle of the sanctuary! Nice job, building committee! Now, if you only could tell us what or who is under the red blanket : -)

Here is THE KITCHEN WINDOW to the coffee and finger food after the one service this next Sunday ...when? At 9:30!!!

On this All Saints' Sunday, looking out of the new to the present building where so many saints, some deceased and some of us still living, have grown in our faith and been inspired to serve those in need.

I saw this worker up by the cross . . . and asked what he was doing. He is putting, not neon, but leed strings of lights in the middle of both beams to accent the major tenant of our Christian faith.

See how the string of lights is dangling out on the left side ?

Why are they painting the curb red? Is it in preparation for Reformation Sunday this Sunday, Oct 26?

Notice how our new irrigation system is washing dust off so we can see the red rock (grin) and the growing new shrubs in the area in front of the main door?

We provided a special SUPER LUNCH treat for all the workers and their families to come and see how nice the church building is turning out. They all had a part in it! Family members didnít travel up from Queen Creek or didnít come from the wider areas of Payson, although 35 % of our work force is local. The total was about 30 workers.

Dave and Char Scully, Doug and Barb Overfield, Sharry Lien, Kay and Dan Bonar and Linda Grosser prepared the food - we were expecting 30 or so. (Building cmte member Joe Dice made the hamburger patties Tuesday night!)

Behind the hot grill stood Dave Scully for a couple hours; you may recognize Rod Rice in the blue shirt, whom the council selected as our interim custodian since the other company suddenly quit!

The guys in white are local workersÖthe painters.

I like this biblical message, donít you? Clever!

Pastor Glenn on the left, Linda Grosser and architect and contractor reps discuss how well the walk thru with the town went today Ö hoping for the certificate of occupancy by next Monday (more dates later).

Look at that spread!!!

RUSS, on the left in the orange hunting flack jacket, has been the project manager getting workers to arrive on schedule.

Sharry Lien, also on the building committee, sent a hot dish with her sister and then arrived to chat with some workers.

The guys in the orange and florescent hunting shirts have put in all the doors.

I like the contrast between the light brown on the Safeway side and the lighter color on the siding, which I believe is concrete boards. (Last week I believed the tree was a weeping willow, but itís really honey locust. Well, itís not in the Apostlesí creed!)

And what are you bringing under Granite Dells road? Suddenlink cable for phone, internet, etc.

The fifth caller to guess what this funny picture is, will receive a reserved seat in the front pew on the Sunday of the winnerís choice! But, not having patience, I have to share the answer: it is a light fixture in the parking lot . . . and those are many LEED bulbs. They and the outside lights on the church building make a very attractive picture.

This is the southeast corner of the altar area ... not in carpet but ...

. . . in wood!! I don't know if it's laminated wood . . .

Ray Leavens and Rod Rice spreading sealer on the 20 foot part from the sidewalk to the new asphalt.

Last week's miles of wires in the sound booth were covered. The workers are letting the glue under the carpet reach the right sticky-ness.

You don't know what the red thing is??? Neither did I, so I asked . . . it's "measuring" the air flow so it gets "balanced"!!

Dare I say this is the most uncluttered you'll ever see Pastor Glenn's office??? You can vote on it : -)

Outside in the midst of many, many bricks/pavers . . . is the black water irrigation line and what looks like an electric box . . . for Christmas lights or to plug in your smart phone!

This covers what was mystery prongs . . . which we now know are air condidtioning units. Hey, I like the brown on the top part of the building . . . do you? You can vote again!

The brown accents go all the way to the ground on the south/Granite Dells side with some scrubbery.

Here are more air refrigeration units by the north choir room. A worker told me there are 12 total !!!

Some of us Mid-westerners might think this is Maple . . . but worker told me it is red oak!

Ernie Kellett is blowing sand off the old asphalt prior to Ray and Rod's application.

I asked Tony what he was doing . . . he said he'd show me, but having patience I haven't used left him, drawn by the aroma of coffee to the kitchenette!

Another red oak . . . note the irrigation lines that may be covered up by next Sunday!

I like the way the cross, now painted white, stands out.

Oh, look! A green pine tree!

A weeping willow among all the pavers/bricks of the front courtyard.

. . . and another!

A look at the long door handles leading into the center aisle! Think how symbolic that is . . . even the small and young can enter the sanctuary

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