Mount Cross Lutheran Church
601 E. Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541
Pastor Scott Stein

Construction: Phase 3!
The First Walking Tour and looking forward to November!
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This shows the new asphalt on the left coming off 260 and the old asphalt on the right which remains. The old asphalt is how we can drive to park on the "north 40" as we turn east and go toward basketball court.

This is in front of the present building looking toward the dorm and log building.

Friday afternoon: Completed project!!!

When I saw how many workers it took to have a successful project ... doesn't it remind you of the many workers it takes for our church to succeed in our mission to make people aware of what Jesus has done for us?????

Look at the precision so your parking space will be on the level!!

You always remember your first time ... you see asphalt on your church parking lot!!!

Notice anything different about this aerial shot? The fence is gone! They can lock the building and the next major outdoor phase is paving the parking lot!

These are the outside flowers going near the steps to the gazebo.

These bushes were transplanted from the present lighted sign to in front of the present front door. I wish I had my camera at Property cmte on Thursday when only Tony Andretta and Ray Leavens were working up a sweat … and three of us were watching them work!!

And this is the south side most visible from Granite Dells Rd . . . It shows the Ponderosa Room, which was named by a vote of our members!

Just outside the Ponderosa Room is another new mystery: what are all those bolts in concrete for?

The Sun Company of Payson was awarded the painting contract…I asked if that color was to be the final color over the dark rust –red. Yes, said this man who appeared to be the boss…“it’s dark grey/gray” (See how the upper half is dark g…?)

This is the west side right behind where the altar will be…

I asked Rod why there is all this glass on the west side. He said it is going back to the company…all the glass is in…I don’t know why this isn’t usable for our building.

Here's a shot of some framing for the landscaping that will make more sense visually when the parking area has been paved and the planting begins.

This shows a sidewalk going toward a window! I asked Rod Rice why… and he said there would be pavers to walk to the door on the left and that’s why there is an empty space in the sidewalk… more pavers!

Look how much of the main sidewalk to the front doors has been laid!

This view was taken for you on Friday Sept 19; two days prior, Pastor Glenn asked me and others standing by office sidewalk…”What do you see is different?” (Hint: The construction office has been moved!)

Here's a view from the air showing GREAT progress!

Here's another . . . think maybe we should use Granite Dells as a landing strip? (just kidding)

Just east of the dorm are these other cars. We will have lots of non-asphalt parking.

Or you can park here during the ‘hardening”. As I complete my 360 circle around the new building, look at all the parking spaces near the log building! These cars were there for a scrapbooking workshop!!

Look at all the other parking spaces on the south side of the north 40!!

I think the parking lot will paved "kinda soon" but I wanted to take a picture of the "north 40" next to Hwy 260. During the asphalt “hardening” you can park there until your parking space is ready for you.

Look at this in the biggest format you have and you'll see some of the sidewalks leading to the front doors. I asked and found out those red iron beams will be painted with a "yet to be named color"!!! (Actually the Building Committee know the color but I haven't been told, as I might blab it.)

Pastor Glenn's office with Seahawk green walls, and water repellant plastic over the light fixture : -)

In the office/reception room, some of the recently arrived office cupboards (not for cups, but for paper) someone thought we had furniture in this office already, I turned on my super blue flashbulbs to show it is only more vent ducts.

look straight up to see, in detail, those beautiful boards from God's beautiful trees!! Look how carefully the workmen have painted on those circles! This is the work of a modern-day Michelangelo!

from sound booth you can look "kitty corner" and see workmen finishing the tongue in groove wooden ceiling.

This will be the "sound booth" and tv control center in rear NE corner of the sanctuary.

As you come west on E. 260, this corner window set will make quite a statement!

Light will come in these tall narrow windows and softly bathe the chancel area behind the altar.

On this week's tour I started at Safeway and saw the south side with the "Ponderosa Room" with 9 windows!!

The closest windows to Safeway! SW corner, up high!!

When I saw this 30-foot high cross and the ladder work, I thought of the chorus of "I am climbing Jacob's ladder"! Kind regards, from your friendly photographer "Ansel Adams" :-)

Who are those two people? I got their license number! This is on the Hwy 260 side of the building.

I was in the conference room next to Pastor Glenn's office and looked up ... and there were people looking in!!

In the bathrooms, a lovely "floor" tile is on the walls : -)

This is the front altar area.

If the pastor gazes heavenward, this is what the pastor will see: the pink clouds in heaven!!

This is the view that Pastor Glenn and the musicans will have after the other 214 chairs (and worshippers) are added.

This is an air conditioning unit ... and there's a workman actively working. Hear him?

I asked these workman what they were doing. They will place the rain gutters, which will be molded/shaped from that mobile unit inside their trailer.

This is the new narthex.

This is the outside of the conference room on the NE corner.

Here is the "puzzle" of the week: what will these stones be used for???

Looking out the conference room to Tiny's across the highway.

The narthex area looking from north to south.

The new reception and office area. Note the new modern desks!! I know they look different but the price was a "steel".

Looking up, the insulation is showing and some of the cannisters where the lights will be.

Smoothing the area above the window going from narthex to worship area.

Insulation in the ceiling of the narthex.

Inside the worship area a worker is either finishing the window installation... or is taping the dry-wall.

Notice all the glass and doors installed! This is the front entrance on the east side.

Inside the "yet to be named" room on the Granite Dells side.

Almost the entire south wing along Granite Dells is sided with the lighter color.

Above the line under the three top windows, the color will be the browner color.

Notice that one of several "subs" is from Payson!

The outside siding is the lighter lower color and the top part of the building will be the browner color.

This black pole is one of several modern lights for the sidewalk connecting the present and future sanctuaries.

Also installed since our walk through are the parking lot lights - 8, I think.

The Cross is up!

A great turn out for the walk through!

Special guides led the tours.

Our members anticipated the best!

And they won't be disappointed, as you will see!

Looking west at the entry to the south wing hallway.

The patio area in front of the main entrance.

The kitchen and pantry in the south wing.

Our members will be renaming this room soon!

South wing rest room entry.

Looking east down the south wing hallway.

South wing utility room, possibly the library?

Looking across the Sanctuary from the southwest corner.

Looking across the Sanctuary from the southeast corner.

Looking across the Sanctuary from the northwest corner.

Looking south across Fellowship Hall.

Looking into the north wing choir and music room.

The office and reception area looking east.

The office and reception area looking west.

The north wing conference room.

Looking out of the Pastor's office in the north wing.

The office entry as seen from the Fellowship Hall.

Looking north across the Fellowship Hall.

The new sidewalk segment that makes the tour accessible to all.

The new section as seen from the present building that will eventually lead up to the front doors of the sanctuary.

Hard working Mount Cross member, Rod Rice, who works on Fridays to tidy up the place.

The room our members will rename in the south wing, currently known as The Synergy Room.

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