Mount Cross Lutheran Church
601 E. Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541
Pastor Scott Stein

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Construction: Phase 2!
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Here is our hard working Mount Cross member, Rod Rice, who works on Fridays to tidy up the place. Look at all the drywall to be put up yet! On to Phase 3!

Inside the south wing. It's now called Synergy, but it could be lounge, gathering room, community room . . . YOU NAME IT! Suggestions needed by 11:30 on Aug 24!

This is the south wing.

The new section as seen from the present building and it will eventually lead up to the front doors of the sanctuary.

Here's the new sidewalk segment that makes the tour accessible to all.

We're making great progress! A beautiful shot from the air!

Looking from the air from the opposite direction!

I'm sure the roof was designed so it wouldn't fall down if people haven't been there recently.

Despite all the machinery, it still takes "people power" to work with dry-wall; these will put in on the walls of the sanctuary.

Above is Tony A in the enlarged narthex!! Looking straight ahead are the windows of the community room/lounge/name to be decided by the bldg committee.

Above is the office area . . . Lenore wanted pink!

Above is the hallway in front of Pastor Glenn's office and Lenore's office and whomever else they can put in the office area.

Even though it's Saturday, Mr. Floyd and Mr. Andretta are still working!

Above is the west wall up by the altar end of the worship area.

This is the southeast corner on Granite Dells.

This is the truck waiting to deliver a lot of dri-wall.

This is how it looked by Sat. July 26- note the shingles on top of the main roof!

This is how it looked on Tuesday, July 22.

Here's the man laughing at the reason so many workers call in "sick" on the hottest day! He's Russ Gettler, project manager for Concord Construction Company. Russ told me that two more quick water line checks and then we will have water to all the outlets in the new building by mid-week.

From the outside, it looks like those window openings are held together with white duct tape. Not! All the duct tape was used for the heating and air conditioning! If you think I'm kidding, look again at the pictures below!!!

It's personal, but I really like the design of all those bolts in the trusses! During sermons, distracted folks could look out the windows or up at the bolts!

More inside the sanctuary views, looking toward Tiny's.

After 40 hours of HVAC (that's what we called it in trade school) work this week, Mount Cross member Rod Rice looks "exhausted"! (We'll take a poll- was that a hot pun??) Send your opinion to Lenore : -)

Some of their handiwork above the bathrooms -- take a good look, you and I will probably never see it again.

Heating and air conditioning workers preparing yet more and more duct work.

Inside the narthex they added duct work and seems for more fire sprinklers.

New this week: the structure for the overhang between east windows of narthex and main entrance below. Looks like a lego put-together puzzle, doesn't it?

Sun was reflecting off the black paper on roof before shingles are put on.

Mount Cross member Rod Rice on left working with heating and cooling vents.

Above is one of my favorite pictures- it says "blue skies above, God fills the world with love".

Above is a man with an old-fashioned hammer that can't be replaced by mechanical items.

Above is the one of the bathrooms, I think, in south wing.

From the sanctuary floor looking east toward the narthex.

Above is the area where the altar and musical groups will be on the raised portions.

I like this view below thru the rafters and then the bolt ends of the screws make a neat pattern! The superintendent says some may work on July 4th to put roofing on so we can't see the sky!!

These men above are on the north wall next to Hwy 260.

These power ladders are amazing machines!

They have a power ladder up in the narthex!

View of the front of the church building from Granite Dells street. Seeing ALL THIS PROGRESS, all God's people said, W0W !!

June 24 was the first time I saw the metal cross - it's about 30 tall at the top, future color yet unknown to this reporter!

June 26 view shows the lateral wooden beams!!

Mount Cross "supervisors", John Shoemaker and Tony Andretta!

That bright light on metal beam (ABOVE the word Ross) is welding flash!

Worker standing in reception area for secretary, other staff and visitors.

Working on heat and cooling ducts.

The immense truss hanging from the crane!

This is second truss - look at all the bolts (320 per truss!!) holding together the trusses, which were made on site.

Look at the immense truss that goes from front to back, hanging from a crane!

Worker on end of truss just above where last row will be.

Ernie Kellett, with the help of Ron Nelson, planned a lunch for the construction workers. They had hot corn on the cob, watermelon, hamburgers with all the fixings, hot dogs, beans and sodas.

Also enjoying Ernie's meal were Property Cmte guys: Ray Leavens, John Proescholdt, Ron Nelson & Rod Rice. Ed is behind the camera and Jim Potter had to leave early and is not pictured.

A smaller crew today with some others in planning meeting. Tony Andretta on the left of our property committee is talking construction with them. A great way for our workers to take a break!

The workers are putting them together on site!

The two biggest ones that you see, one of which today... weigh 16,000 pounds each.

They drill holes at least one inch wide and put in plenty.

They will get some big crane, next week to raise up the two. should make for good pictures.

The roof on the south wing is on to keep all the rain out. I'll also report how much rain fell next week! Ansel

I like this series as it shows how the wooden beams are connected to the metal ones.

From Safeway/Tiny's side, we see the shell of the office area on the north side of the project.

You can see there is plenty of parking space here, by the dorm and by the north side of the sanctuary.

From Safeway area looking at south wing- maybe something will be attached to the upright beams next week!

From the Safeway side, the altar area on left and more of the room for the windows framed.

On Friday our Mount Cross member Rod Rice is the only one working- he's hired by Concord to clean up broken bits of concrete and asphalt.

Last week a picture showed down the hallway, today I took from Granite Dells side thru the "community room" lounge into the narthex.

In case you've forgotten, this is how we started!!!

And this is how we look today - May 29, 2014.

Looking at the east end of the north wing.

A long shot to the southwest across the property.

Looking west towards Safeway, framing!

The north wing with its back to HWY 260.

The east end of the north wing looking southwest.

Looking through the "sanctuary" at the south wing.

The north wing with its back facing HWY 260.

The back of the north wing looking east.

Looking south thru the trees between the altar and Safeway.

Looking east at the north wing.

Looking "thru the wall" at the altar, due east.

Yes, Virginia, that's a cherry picker sitting inside the building where the altar will be!

Looking through the "hallway" of the south wing. Hey, it's dark in there!
Sanctuary towers that will soon be enclosed.

The west end of the sanctuary.

The back side of the south wing along Granite Dells.

This will sure make beautiful windows!

Looking north at the southeast end of the south wing.

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