Mount Cross Lutheran Church
601 E. Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541
Pastor Scott Stein

Photo Album 

Construction Work Is Under Way!
See the Phase 2 photos here.



Where the cones are is the "passway" from the new parking lot to the present lot by log building.

This is the north "wing" showing the windows into the hallway by the offices and music room.

Pretend you are sitting in the sanctuary, windows on west side are in and you are looking thru them to see the magnificent pondorosa trees!

There is still an immense amount of work to do... beams and lumber on many parts of the property.

With some imagination ...ok, a lot of imagination, you can see the kitchen part of the south wing.

Framing on the south wing has really progressed!

The column on which the cross will be placed.

The south wing almost touching Granite Dells road.

South wing with choir rehearsal, kitchen and community rooms.

Looking from north wing toward manin sanctuary and south wing.

Two beams show the back of the worship area.

Beams on the right to form the narthex. Framing for walls will go up next week!

Metal beams on the west side adjacent to Safeway.

Beautiful new sidewalk.

Parking spaces, by the choir room.

Dramatic aerial pictures of the construction taken March 29.

Jim McCall went up in an airplane and took these pictures- present sanctuary on far right.

Concrete pad for the north wing which will be offices for Lenore and Pastor Glenn.
Closeup of the north wing.

Parking lot getting ready for Good Friday and Easter!

New asphalt next to the sidewalk on Granite Dells.

Workers very busy doing God's work.

A very busy week at the Mt. Cross site!!!

New sidewalk adjacent to the choir room.

Curbs for the new parking lots are also being installed.

Artistic design of curbs around existing trees.

Tony and Jimmy discuss pouring concrete floors.

Electrical conduit for the north wing. Tiny's in the distance.

Footings for the south wing.

Additional footings for the south wing.

South wing music, kitchen and community rooms.

Swail to direct rain water to the drainage system.

Sidewalk along Granite Dells.

Tony Andretta, walking and thinking about the construction.

New entrance from Granite Dells, garage and bunkhouse.

Parking lot near the main entrance, looking north.

More artistic curb design looking south towards the bunkhouse.

Parking lot looking east adjacent to Hwy 260, with the current sanctuary in the background.

We're making an effort to save every tree we can!

Tearing down the casitta and the former office building!!!

More destruction of the gutted buildings.

Backhoes can sure do a lot of dammage!!!

New connection to Granite Dells for sewer piping.

Looks like a portion of the north sancturay wall and the footings primed for new office areas.

Door and windows were some of the most valuable items Habitat needed. This building is about to go!
Pastor's new office where Luke was! This was 48 hours after the move... and Pastor not quite ready for full work space.

So much activity going on Moving Day !! Construction workers were also busy!

Some wondered what this pad with metal poles just betwen garage and Granite Dells is: Propane or refuse dumpster? Latter is right!

Our members: Jim P, Ray L, and Ed S assist the Direct Movers in transferring office materials.

Part of the moving chaos: Pastor Glenn, Linda G and Roger R in what was the office.

Shannon R in LaCasita office. (You don't want to see her LSS office in the back part of the nursery.

March 27 Moving offices,! Direct movers were hired to supplement our members; Fridge was from LaCasita.

This is new water (blue pipes for water) connection coming from 260 (see Tiny's in backgroung).

North wing for offices... looking west toward sanctuary.

March 25 14 footings\footings of south wing.

Friday Mar 21- tore up Granite dells by bunkhouse to put in new sewer connection.

Pastor Glenn arrives with his sermon in hand while he looks over the parking situation.

The Handicapped area is still available.

Lots of room to park in the usual places.

More of the same.

Verdict: Parking will not be a problem while cunstruction is under way!

Looking east, LaCasita on left. This is south edge of the parking lot; sidewalk will be about 5' further south

From Granite Dells, silver tube is part of new driveway entrance/exit on Granite Dells

Curb and gutter on Granite Dells, sidewalk to right

A view from current office, next to 260, looking west, of office wing

Dug out footings for north wing (offices)

Grading and marking the property, looking north from Granite Dells at the current office

Looking west over heavy machinery towards the intersection of Hwy 260 and Manzanita

Looking west over the property before the heavy grading begins

Grading begins on the parking lot viewed from from the NW corner of the current church building