Mount Cross Lutheran Church
601 E. Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541
Pastor Scott Stein


Disciples Building to Serve Christ



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Sanctuary View

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When God planted his vision in the Mount Cross disciples, it started as hopes and dreams to reach more people with the grace of Jesus Christ; and as those dreams grew so did the need for more space to be added to our campus.

Mount Cross started its planning for a new sanctuary back in 2004. The Facilities Planning and Development Committee (FPDC) was established by the Congregational Council to address the findings of the Long-Range Planning Committee. The FPDC immediately began its work in November 2005 with a timeline of two years as its completion date.

In March 2006, Mission Investment Fund of Evangelical Lutheran Church of America was brought on board as a consultant to look at our current sanctuary, make a recommendation regarding how a new facility could be funded and give a blue-print for the committee, which would guide the work needed to fulfill the direction given to the Facilities Planning and Development Committee for a new sanctuary.

In 2008 we launched our first three year capital appeal campaign to raise the necessary monies, thus moving us closer to the projected funding recommended by Mission Investment Funds. The goal of the first appeal was $1,000,000.

In September 2008 we began our search for an architectural firm to assist us in master utilization planning for the entire campus and in the design/build planning for a new sanctuary. In January 2009, CCBG Architects was selected as the project architect.

In early 2009, the FDPC became the Building Committee and the Building Finance committee was created to handle the capital appeal and finances for a new facility. From January 2009 through January 2010, master planning, site and geotechnical surveys were completed, a new sanctuary design was created and preliminary building costs were obtained.

The first capital appeal officially ended in May 2011 with a successful total of over $550,000 cash received. So that brings us to today...planning our next capital appeal to reach the "goal" of $1,000,000 and continued planning of the facility as we get closer to our dream.

As of November 14, 2011 we have 19 advance pledges for a total pledge amount of $158,380.00. November 20, 2011 is our actual pledge date and and we encourage everyone to make a pledge towards our "Disciples Building to serve Christ" Fund on that date.  Remember, no pledge, no matter what the amount, is too small.  

               "No one has ever become poor by giving" - Anne Frank

Click here for a pdf file of our Capital Fund Appeal brochure